Remote Monitoring and Management - RMM

How many times has your work been interrupted by computer issues?

We at Compass Computing are now offering Remote Monitoring and Management, also known as “RMM”. With these tools in place, many computer issues can be solved for you with no IT guy needing to move you from your chair or interrupt your work.

What does RMM do?

·         Reduces your costs by making us work more efficiently and proactively for you.

·         Allows for the repair of many issues remotely, without interrupting your work day.

·         Monitors server and workstation health. Allows us to see what is happening with your backups, server health and hardware, keeping us ahead of potential problems.

·         Scheduled maintenance tasks can be automated, ensuring that nothing is missed.

·         Provides for active, ongoing maintenance, including installing software and OS updates, defragmenting hard disks, updating antivirus software, and so on - keeping your computers working smoothly.

Our RMM service provides you with peace of mind, and provides us with the ability to keep your machines maintained and up-to-date, proactively staying ahead of issues and resolving them before there is any negative impact to your business.

Contact Compass Computing for a quote, and to find out how RMM can help streamline your business.