Superior Backup Services

Your data is priceless. How much of it can you afford to lose? How much of your company’s valuable time can you lose in order to get up and running again? One day? Three?

While every company has different specific needs, everyone needs a good backup solution. All computer systems are now vulnerable, as even with the best available perimeter defense, hackers are finding ways to get through. It only takes one click on a phishing email by an unawares employee to let the bad guys in to the most well-protected system.

Major insurance companies, retail chains and a movie studio have lost millions related to cyber-attacks within the past year. Recently a large Los Angeles hospital had to pay $18,000 to get their data back when it was hacked and held hostage.  Their only missing ingredient, which could have avoided the catastrophe, was having the right backups system in place. If they’d had them, they could have laughed in the face of those hackers and restored data from their own backups immediately, without all of the lost money and time.  They also would have avoided contributing to a multi-million dollar data terrorism industry.

Using our new backup technology:

·         We can have your systems up and running in 30 minutes or less, even in the case of total data loss due to a virus attack.

·         There is no longer any need to take backup drives home with you to ensure that a copy remains safe. Our backups work directly with the servers in our data center so that we always have a full copy of your backup saved exterior to your office.

·         Backups are automated – never have to think about them again, and rest assured that your company’s data is secure and will be there for you should you ever need it.

Your best defense is being prepared to get back on your feet with limited lost production time. Our new backup technology captures your network in its entirety, allowing you to replace your data and be fully functional again – fast. The most common backups currently used will save your data – but will not back up program files, database files or system files. Programs may need to be reinstalled and the data linked together again. You may also then need to re-create any new data lost since your last backup. The process of putting the pieces back together and regaining your functionality once lost could take one day to a full week, depending on the number of workstations affected by virus attack and the amount of data to be restored.

Can you really afford to have your office staff shut down and unable to work while waiting for your systems to be restored?

Real protection is the ability to render any virus attack harmless – so that even if you lost everything, you would be able to get your data fully restored and your employees back in action in the shortest possible amount of time, at the least expense to you.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you make restoring lost data as painless as technology will allow.