New Services From Compass Computing


We at Compass Computing are offering a new set of services, using the latest technology to help your business run more smoothly. With these new services, we can help you proactively stay ahead of the problems that commonly plague computer systems, addressing them before there is a negative impact to your business. Click the links below to learn how to make managing your computer systems as painless as technology will allow.

SUPERIOR BACKUPS – Using the latest backup technology we can give you secure, automated, off-site backups, that will have your systems up and running faster than ever before possible, even in the case of total data loss due to a virus attack.  (make this a link to the article on backups.

PATCH MANAGEMENT – With our Patch Management plan, we can help keep your computer programs up to date and secure, keeping you free of worry that the “updates” you or your staff might download will actually slow you down. (make this a link to the article on Patch management)

REMOTE MONITORING AND MANAGEMENT – Using our Remote Monitoring and Management or RMM service, we can keep your computers working smoothly by addressing issues before they become a problem for you, and we can do this remotely, without interruptions to your workflow. (make this a link to the article on RMM)

We can offer you a managed service plan which includes services to address all of these, or offer them individually, to best suit your needs. Contact us to see how these new services can be integrated with your existing service plan.