Patch Management with Compass Computing

A “patch” by its common definition is something used to mend or strengthen a weak point. Similarly, a software patch can be used to repair a security vulnerability, or to fix a bug and improve the performance of a piece of software. A piece of code, or a “patch” can be installed into your software to make corrections.

Hundreds of patches are released each month. Have you ever installed an update only to have it fix one thing but create other bugs in your software that didn’t exist before? How do you know which patches to install and which to ignore?  Incorrect patches installed out of order can lead to damaged software or loss of data. 

Most software will be used for many years, while the user environment is constantly changing. This can change compatibility and introduce new security issues which were not originally a problem. Whatever the source, problems can be found in any piece of software, and patches must be used to address them.

The benefits of Patch Management to you:

·         A patch management plan can help your business keep its programs up to date and secure, without risking the downloading of perilous software by its staff.

·         Helps avoid the downloading of poorly designed patches which may introduce new problems.

·         Help keep malware from exploiting your computer systems. Most successful computer attacks and hacks involve the use of known vulnerabilities for which patches exist.

Keeping ahead of and quickly installing patches before would-be hackers know about the weak points and take advantage of them isn’t easy. In today’s complex computing environment, it’s a never-ending cycle. With patch management you’ll be ahead of the game, protected from vulnerabilities that could slow down your business.

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